What Every Woman Needs to Hear About the Copper IUD

What Every Woman Needs to Hear About the Copper IUD

OLIVIA’S STORY (originally published Nov 2020)

This was my fourth copper IUD. I had several health problems during my twenty-five years with the coil, mainly migraines, persistent aura, IBS and anxiety, but not once did I think that the coil was causing these health problems. After my fourth IUD in 2016, I’d been a vegetarian for roughly seven years and had no idea that my liver wasn’t producing enough taurine to expel copper and heavy metals through the body.

My migraines were pretty bad during this time, as well as anxiety and IBS. I then became vegan two years later, which meant I was producing less taurine than before. Taurine is naturally produced in the body, even without meat, but we need excess amounts of taurine to expel heavy metals through the liver as the liver needs to work much harder.

My first health problem since becoming vegan was gastritis and I would become very poorly with unbelievable pain in my upper abdomen. I put this down to age and learned what triggers caused gastritis, which included giving up red wine; even one glass would send me crashing.

So, I lived life with an extremely delicate tummy, anxiety that was up and down, and migraines. But I was just about managing and powering on with antidepressants and trying different migraine medications/injections.

Then my hair started to fall out; nothing noticeable, but in the shower each day, I would see so much hair going down the plug hole.

The next ailment was severe back pain in my tailbone (Coccyx) and some days I could hardly sit down. After an X-ray came back fine, I again put this down to a 46 year old body, although I really wasn’t happy about it and started taking pea protein to help build muscle and it did help a little.

That’s when things became really scary.

I have always had migraines (hemiplegic migraines) but my migraine attacks were never frequent enough to stop me from being able to work, although there were phases in my life where I had many migraines for a month and then they would subside, thank goodness. That is, until now. I went from having one migraine per month, around my period, to four a week.

Each attack takes up to 70% of my vision and motor functions which can leave me unable to talk and know how to get home. This usually lasts for 1 hour. After the attack ends, I am left with the most unimaginable headache and fatigue you can imagine, for around three days. Now, image this four times a week. That means, I am in constant pain, and for four hours per week, I have no motor skills. Then trying to hold a job down whilst going through this was impossible.

My whole world came crashing down. As well as this, my vision was permanently distorted – Like someone had taken my spirit-level away and left me with a distorted view, where the world looked permanently slanted.

One of the biggest signs to copper toxicity is that it plays havoc with your mental health and nervous system and oh boy, did I find this out. I had anxiety that yo-yoed from severe to mild and then one day, out of the blue, I had a nervous breakdown. It was all so awful and I didn’t know what was happening to me; I had no idea it was the coil, dumping deposits of copper into my system.

I managed to get past the mental break down with a high dosage of anti-depressants but the migraines were still stopping me from having a normal life, as well as vertigo and nausea. Then it took a real nosedive when my memory started to fail me and I was struggling to get words out. I would be on a telephone call and the words that came from my mouth didn’t feel like my own (depersonalisation).

Not only was I feeling outside of my body, but those words didn’t feel correct. I also struggled with memory loss and remember looking at the time on one occasion; it was 7:20pm but my brain couldn’t process what 7:20pm was and I sat and started at the time for what seemed forever, trying to work out why 7:20pm doesn’t look familiar anymore. Lots of words became like this and it scared the hell out of me. I knew I was starting to lose my mind and felt hopeless.

I spent over a year in my room. I pretty much stayed there 24/7 as I was scared that I would have a migraine while I was out and not be able to get back home with the memory loss that it brings during an attack. Some attacks were lasting three hours and on one occasion it lasted five hours. I actually thought I was having a stroke and my memory and depersonalization was terrible after that, for around two months. What was really happening inside my body, is what is called a copper dumping.

It was a very dark and lonely time for me and I isolated myself and stopped socialising. I was no longer fit for work and my saving grace to keep my job, was COVID-19 lockdown, when we were asked to work from home. I appealed the occupational health doctor’s decision that I am not fit for work, on the basis that I can work from home in between migraine attacks. Miraculously I won but working with extreme exhaustion from migraines was no joke and I could barely hold the job down.

I was close to the end; there’s only so much you can take.

But they say with every breakdown there is a breakthrough, and this was the case for me also. At my lowest point, I saw how much I was attacking myself emotionally, for having a body that wasn’t working fully. I decided that the only way to get through this was to make friends with migraines and all the symptoms that are presented before myself. At this point, the copper IUD was still in my body and I had no idea that this was the root cause of my ill health; all I could do was work with what I had. And I did. I worked very hard on making friends with migraines that would otherwise cause extreme panic. This saved my mental health and allowed me to love the part of me that I always hated.

When your mind is on your side, you can get through anything.

I worked on my mind and came out of the other side, accepting my disability, which I had always rejected before. With this, I went on to write a pocket sized book that helps others in their quest for emotional healing through their disability.

One of life’s hardest lessons is to make peace with your body when it doesn’t function how you want it to. Your body is your home and I learned through my lowest point, that each disability is an energy force; a part of you that you can let be your shadow or let into your home, allowing your energy force to pass through you when it needs, welcoming it like an old unwanted visitor that you don’t want at your house, but you know you are the host. And as all hosts; you need to make one comfortable.

And this is the case with your disability, as it resides in your home, your body; as you are one and the same force. Your disability energy force is a part of you. When we work with this knowledge, we are working with the mind; resistance and denial of your disability becomes much less and peace is offered as a result.

Once I had my mind on my side, everything became less intense and more manageable.

Then, out of the blue, an old friend got in touch with me after eight years apart and we had a zoom chat. She was explaining that she needed to get her coil out asap; and that was my first universal sign, as I thought to myself “I should get mine out”. Then that thought was buried away in the depths of my mind for several days. I explained to her, my difficulties and she pointed me towards a distant healer that everyone was talking about. So desperate to heal, I contacted him, Mujin Choi and after his first, amazing healing session I had a very strong urge to get the coil out ASAP!

Usually there’s a two week waiting list for GP appointments but luckily there was a cancellation for the same day and the coil was out within hours of my initial call.

It was meant to be.

What happened after that was pretty hard as my body went through extreme copper dumping/purging, as it rid as much copper as it could. I was so sick, in fact, I thought I was heading for another breakdown as the terrors were so intense again, but eventually they stopped.

After five days of been in bed, my body started to pick up. That’s when I had a hair strand test (HTMA) and blood tests to detect any overload of heavy metals in my body. I booked in a session with practitioner Rick Fischer at, to analyze my HTMA fully.

My body was dealing with huge amounts of copper which had affected my adrenals and thyroid glands. I was given a strict food and supplement diet and as well as this I started to take Advanced TRS, which I can only describe as a miracle formula, to cleanse your full system of parasites and heavy metals. TRS has been a game changer for me.

When I started the TRS, the first week was tough and I was back to my bed in a heap. After that initial week, things just became better and better.

I’m still on my journey of recovery and realize now that all those years of IBS, anxiety and migraines, were magnified because of the copper IUD. It all makes sense now; when I ate meat I hardly had migraines and anxiety, that’s because I was producing the extra taurine needed to expel the copper.

This doesn’t mean that all vegans need to eat meat; it means that the body isn’t designed for heavy metals in the first place.

My commitment to remain vegan remains and there are supplements that you can attain on the market, without eating meat, that work just as well.

The saddest part of all this, is that the NHS did not believe my findings; that you can be copper toxic from the copper IUD. I spoke to several doctors about this while I was ill in bed, after the IUD was taken out; one stated it wasn’t possible, one stated that it is so rare that I couldn’t possibly have copper toxicity, and the other one stated that it could be true but unless there is proof, I cannot be helped. I had to go down the private route with a HTMA and blood tests, to get the proof that I needed.

Please bare in mind that copper toxicity is extremely hard to prove as it doesn’t always show up in blood tests and/or HTMA’s which is why you would need your HTMA analyzing by a practitioner (Rick Fischer specialises in copper toxicity). The best way to find out is by doing both the HTMA with analysis and a blood test to measure ceruloplasmin, which is a protein that binds copper in the blood stream. This is the same blood test that is helped to diagnose Wilson’s disease.

My mission is for every woman with birth control, to know exactly what the health warnings are before making a decision.

With my latest copper IUD, manufactured by Nova Plus, there are no health warnings about copper toxicity what so ever. More and more women are becoming sick due to copper toxicity and don’t know why they are sick.

If you know anyone in your circle of family and friends, taking birth control, please spend a moment to share this article so that we can raise awareness of the impact of the copper IUD.

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