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Advanced nutritional testing for cellular mineral & stored heavy metal status, and a blueprint for nutrition / detox protocols for improving energy, performance and health.   

Every individual has a unique nutritional blueprint. 

Popular diets don't address this. Blood tests don't show it.

Intelligent nutrition involves personalized nutritional programming based on YOUR unique biochemistry. 

"[HTMA] may be the most important health test that exists… Only when you and your doctor know for sure your mineral status and important ratios can you adapt your diet, minerals and supplements to work toward proper balance."    ~Dr. Robert Thompson, MD (author of The Calcium Lie)

Did You Know?

Mineral deficiencies and toxicities affect everyone.  An over-reliance on blood testing to measure these imbalances has greatly suppressed the broader understanding of how widespread these deficiency and toxicity conditions are, including their effect on both physical and mental health.  HTMA is an important screening tool that provides key indicators behind a wide range of conditions affected by mineral imbalance, including: fatigue & adrenal problems, thyroid issues, weight gain, blood sugar problems, depression, anxiety, personality changes, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, reactivity to stress, addictions, schizophrenia, osteoporosis, risk of heart attack, hypoglycaemia, liver and kidney problems, digestive issues, inflammation, PMS, skin problems, and more.  It can often identify serious health risks many years before they show up using other methods. Equally important, the data from your HTMA test provides you with the hard evidence and blueprint needed for safe detoxing and intelligent nutritional program design.

Learning Center


New to HTMA? Here you'll learn why HTMA is far superior to blood testing when it comes to determining your mineral levels. Learn about the interrelationship of minerals, how an imbalance could affect your condition, factors that have attempted to suppress broader awareness of HTMA and thus why HTMA is not more well known, how to choose a testing lab, and other FAQs.

For Professionals


Are you a Nutritionist?  Doctor?  Personal Trainer?  Mental Health Counselor?  With the vital data provided by HTMA, you'll be in an even more informed position to guide your clients, create "next level" nutrition and fitness programs, support women's health, avoid heart disease & other conditions, and solve many physical and mental health concerns.

Choosing a Practitioner


The power of HTMA is in the correct interpretation of the charts. Not everyone offering HTMA is properly trained to understand the data, nor do all labs follow proper testing protocol. Learn what key things to look out for when deciding who to work with. Here you'll discover what sets me and my Integrative Health Coaching service apart.

“The vast amount of information that can be obtained from HTMA profiles is much more economically feasible than what could be determined from blood testing.”  [Source]

“Hair mineral analysis is an established technique and laboratory procedure, and most importantly research to support findings are highly reliable. Hair is a very metabolically active tissue and as it forms, provides a permanent record of activity occurring within the body during its period of growth. The first 3 to 4 cm closest to the scalp can give a good indication of the nutritional and toxic mineral exposure over the previous six to eight weeks. Hair analysis is routinely used in occupational, environmental and natural healthcare as a method of investigation to assist screening and/or diagnosis. As a screening test, it is able to provide indications of imbalances, deficiencies and excesses of many essential and toxic minerals and can provide a comprehensive picture upon which to base the most effective nutritional therapy.”  [Source]

 "HTMA is the best lab tool to detect copper toxicity and its effect on the broader nutrient mineral pattern that is related to both physical and mental health." ~Dr Malter, PhD

HTMA provides the window through which to view the relationship between the minerals in your tissues and how they affect your body and mind - ultimately, in many ways, determining your physical and emotional destiny.