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We are a leading provider of lab testing through TEI (Trace Elements Inc). TEI has been recognized internationally as a leader in HTMA laboratory services since 1984.  Head consultant Rick Fischer is one of the world’s leading experts in mineral-based health education, HTMA instruction, and copper toxicity research.

HTMA provides advanced nutritional testing for cellular mineral deficiencies and stored toxic metal status, and offers a blueprint for nutrition / detox protocols that can support energy, performance and overall health. 


“The vast amount of information that can be obtained from HTMA profiles is much more economically feasible than what could be determined from blood testing.”  



“HTMA is the best lab tool to detect copper toxicity and its effect on the broader nutrient mineral pattern that is related to both physical and mental health.” 

~Dr Malter, PhD


“[HTMA] may be the most important health test that exists. Only when you and your doctor know for sure your mineral status and important ratios can you adapt your diet, minerals and supplements to work toward proper balance.”

~Dr. Robert Thompson, MD

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Beyond vast experience having personally reviewed thousands of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis cases, founder Rick Fischer has also helped train many of today's HTMA practitioners. Rick is also co-founder of the annual HTMA Virtual Summit, working alongside industry pioneers and experts to improve the integrity of authentic HTMA application.


Our “Mineral Mastery Program” is the original mineral-based nutrition course bringing mineral-based health education to the general public as well as practitioner training. Over the years, Mineral Mastery has proven to be a key training resource used by hundreds of wellness practitioners as part of their education on HTMA and mineral-based health.


Through our various educational sites, free support resources, courses, and international research endeavors, we have been the leader since 2014 in increasing copper toxicity support & education for both public awareness as well as practitioner training.

Did You Know?

“Mineral deficiencies and toxicities affect everyone.  An over-reliance on blood testing for measuring the body’s mineral status has suppressed the broader understanding of how widespread these deficiency and toxicity conditions are, along with their effect on both physical and mental health.  HTMA is an important screening tool that provides key indicators behind a wide range of conditions affected by mineral imbalance, including: fatigue & adrenal problems, thyroid issues, weight gain, blood sugar problems, depression, anxiety, personality changes, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, reactivity to stress, osteoporosis, risk of heart attack, hypoglycemia, liver and kidney problems, digestive issues, inflammation, PMS, skin problems, and more.  It can often identify serious health risks many years before they might show up using other methods. Equally important, HTMA data provides the evidence needed for safe detoxing along with a roadmap for intelligent nutritional program design.”


Since 2014, Rick has been at the global forefront of increasing copper toxicity awareness, advancing mineral-based health education, and preserving the integrity of authentic HTMA application.

His thousands of hours of research and years of volunteer time led to the creation of in 2014 which, together with his other education and support resources, has increased global awareness and has served as a primary educational resource for thousands of patients, practitioners and health writers who today are now speaking about and addressing copper toxicity.

Rick is head instructor of the Mineral Mastery training program which brings mineral-based health education to both the public as well as practitioners.  In addition, Rick is co-founder of the annual HTMA Virtual Summit which aims to preserve the integrity of authentic HTMA through education by leaders and pioneers in the field.  

Rick provides HTMA consultation in clinical practice to clients worldwide, and is frequently hired to teach HTMA principals and mineral-based health concepts to various health practitioners, including a large number of Functional Diagnostic Nutritionists, Functional Medicine Doctors, Osteopaths, Naturopaths, and other HTMA Practitioners.


We proudly provide our HTMA testing through the Trace Elements Laboratory (TEI), recognized internationally as a leading provider of HTMA laboratory services since 1984.

TEI, one of the original pioneering labs for nutritional hair analysis, is a licensed and certified clinical laboratory located in Texas (USA) serving health providers across 46 countries globally. TEI uses ICP-Mass Spectrometry, the most modern & expensive analytical technique for routine elemental analysis,  and adheres to CLIA guidelines for precision and reliability.

“Rick Fischer has made outstanding contributions to advancing the field of HTMA, understanding the profound adverse effects of copper toxicity, and the understanding of the vital importance of minerals related to good health”

~Dr. Malter, PhD, Malter Institute, Author of “The Strands of Health: A Guide to Understanding Hair Mineral Analysis”

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