The Copper IUD Almost Destroyed My Life & Family

The Copper IUD Almost Destroyed My Life & Family


The following is shared by Szilvia from Germany, expressing the gratitude for the awareness on copper that we’ve been providing over the past decade. More importantly, it is yet one more example of how a copper device can profoundly affect mental health.

“I would like to say thank you for all your efforts, for the website, which contains so much important information. I can state after my life-experience that all you wrote is 100% true. 

After having two children, we decided to use a (non-hormonal) birth control method. My gynecologist told me about the copper IUD. She only said that the copper IUD can cause stronger bleeding. That was the only side-effect I heard. I had to undersign that I am aware of this and that was all, no other information about possible side-effects. Yes: the bleeding was stronger, my period cycle have become much shorter and my hair has become thinner, 1/3 volume as before. 

But this was not the worst: at the end of 2018, I became DEPRESSED, with all symptoms: Depressed mood, mood swings, anger, anxiety, insomnia, rage, racing thoughts, palpitations and suicidal thoughts…. 

I decided to make investigation on the net and found finally reports of women all over the world who claimed the same: having IUD and depression. I took [the IUD] out and I am now completely changed: no mood swings, no depression at all. I wish I did not have to have these experiences which almost destroyed my life and that of my family.

(I went to my psychiatrist last week. I told about all the other experiences of women, but he did not care about them. He said that I belong just to a little percentage of the women who have problems with it.  His message was: “You were ill, you are ill and you will stay ill”.  These are the so called ‘doctors!’.) 

Just because of you, your website (, which sheds more light on this topic and because of the videos by women as testimonials, I can say today: I am on the way to 100% recovery.

Thank God in English I found the above mentioned sources.  For all women, who have the luck to find this information, your work is essential.  Thank you once again, I wish that you reach many women with your work.