I’ve Learned A Lot Through This [IUD] Journey

I’ve Learned A Lot Through This [IUD] Journey


I got my IUD in November 2018. By April, my life took a complete turn.. not a good one.  I stopped being able to do any task, care for my kids, eat, function at all!!!

I sat in that state till July 2019.  I was told it was all mental health, take a pill, you’ll be alright. This was NOT my mental health… This was far more!!!! No one listened to my cries for help. I let the damn thing stay in me for 8 months, with no idea of it being the culprit. I, for once, by November 2018 had my mental health to the most peaceful, perfect, wonderful place it had EVER been!  I was so deeply in love with myself, with my mind and my body and my soul. I was completely in love with life… I for once trusted a “pharmaceutical”, I trusted a doctor’s word. 

I trusted that I would have no issues [with the IUD] because it’s non hormonal. My healthy self decided to trust!!! 

[Fast forward again July 2019]… As I sat hunched over the toilet with no strength to get myself up, body shaking, the room spinning and the panic of falling over dead, I begged one last time for a sign of what the hell was happening to me!!! Even death at that point didn’t seem so bad. But my children were there. They shouldn’t have to walk in and find mom dead…. 

I sat and I cried the rest of the tears I could, I tried to clear my face so my kids wouldn’t see the mess I was.  Then, something came to mind….. CHECK THE IUD.  Check the IUD????? What?!?  I pulled my phone over with my foot, I opened google and typed in “copper iud mental health”.  Right before my swollen eyes, was everything… EVERYTHING.  Wait, noooo. But the doctors haven’t mentioned once it could be IUD related.. this is insane, there’s something else wrong….. right???  I buried my head into my phone once more & there it was …finding my entire life at that time, written by hundreds of women I’ve NEVER met. Yet they were speaking directly to me.

 I went in, July 11 2019, to get the IUD taken out. In comes my doc.  He just stares at me. I vividly can remember the look on his face, I ask why are you looking at me like I’m crazy…… his response, still to this day eats me alive, “because you are”…. followed by the typical “you can’t believe everything you see on the internet”. 

…It was removed, very quick and easy. I felt a weight lift, this was the beginning of healing…. Here I sit, half a year after removal.  75% of the time I’m halfway back to an OK state of mental health….. but the 25% that I’m not, I’m REALLY not. I beg to feel ok again. I beg to feel emotions again. I beg to be able to be normal!!! I want nothing than to be a mother, be a functioning person, be ME!!! 

I’ve learned a LOT through this journey. I’ve yet to learn how to be patient and accept this. I’m mad, I have resentment, I have regret… because I trusted, I lost. My kids lost, my family lost, my friends, job, my LIFE… it all lost.  There are many women who can tolerate the copper iud, who have no issues with hormonal birth control or ANY birth control. That is wonderful! But to us, the ones that are the “unlucky” ones, it’s real. And it’s a nightmare.

 [Thank you so much Rick! I turn to so often for reassurance. The feeling of going absolutely crazy is one I battle a lot and your page really has helped! I absolutely advocate as much as I can to spread awareness.  I’m forever grateful to those who have shared and help spread awareness.  I always find myself telling people to stop and look into their minerals! I’m sure to everyone I sound a bit nuts but then I pull out my HTMA results. I have such a hard time when people are just thrown into the mental illness bus! It’s not fair! I hate that this connection is not something more known or looked into! I cannot imagine the amount of women who suffer without ever reaching their “lightbulb moment” as I called mine. It kills me that others don’t make it that far. ~Connie