Country agreements

If your country of residence is on this list, I can still work with you, however on a consultation basis only.  I work with clients worldwide for the review and interpretation of HTMA charts.  However, due to exclusive distribution agreements, I am not able to take orders for the actual HTMA test itself from clients in the following countries:  ARGENTINA, AUSTRALIA, BRAZIL, CHILE, CHINA, CROATIA, DENMARK, EL SALVADOR, EQUADOR, FINLAND, GERMANY, GUATEMALA, HONG KONG, INDIA, INDONESIA,  JAMAICA, KOREA, KUWAIT, MALAYSIA, MEXICO, NEW GUINEA, NEW ZEALAND, NORWAY, PAKISTAN, POLAND, SAUDI ARABIA, SINGAPORE, SOUTH AFRICA, SOUTH KOREA, SPAIN, SWEDEN, SWITZERLAND, TAIWAN, THAILAND, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, UNITED KINGDOM

As well, for State of New York residents: Due to state regulations (NY Public Health Law Section 574), I am unable to process hair samples collected within the state of New York.